2Tracks1Family preps for 2024

2Tracks1Family preps for 2024

Today marks “move in” day for the 2024 Piston Power Show at Cleveland’s IX Center, which truly marks the start of our season! We are so excited to get this race season started as we are working on many new things happening within 2Tracks1Family, including this website! This news article is a test to one of our “new things”, so thanks for reading along as this article will highlight some of these different promotional aspects you’ll see this season at The Painesville Speedway and Lorain Raceway Park!

One of these new promotional aspects include “pushing people to the website”. What does that mean exactly? This state of the art website you’re viewing this on deserves to be promoted! In doing so we will have some articles that are only featured on here. We simply will post a link to this news article on our ever so popular Facebook pages and drive people to read this on the website. What does that do? That simply opens up a gateway to attract peoples attention not only on the article, but the other cool features on this site including each tracks individual news stories, event tabs and so much more!

You also may find on this site a “newsletter sign up” pop up! Yes, we plan to have a weekly newsletter sent out to your email throughout the season. I promise it won’t be completely packed through information, I’m sure your emails are full enough. This newsletter will be a simple two or three stories each week that is just a preview with a “see more” button. Click on that button and you can find the full article on this site! We’re not trying to be annoying, we just want you to be thinking about our facilities more often and hopefully that entices you to come attend more shows with us!

Along with promoting constantly to entice you to attend more shows, we will have “Text Blasts” as well! Signups for that will be posted in the next week or so. However, you will get two texts per week. One on Monday and one on Thursday! Monday will say something along the lines of “Great weekend this past Saturday at Lorain Raceway Park, make sure to join us this weekend for a doubleheader at The Painesville Speedway on Friday and Saturday, June 7-8” which will be accompanied by the flyers! Thursday will be something similar just to get inside your minds again while you’re making those family plans for the upcoming weekend! You can opt in or out whenever you’d like! No added fees or anything to you on your phone bills, this just helps us PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE!!

We have also teamed up with a handful of local businesses, with more in the works, to distribute our event flyers throughout the season as well! For example, the new sponsor of Painesville’s Figure Eight Ironmen division, Hometown Slice Pizza Co, will be placing our event flyers on every single pizza box that leaves their store! That’s close to 800 per week! Which is amazing exposure for our facility! Just got your car serviced at Sliman’s Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in Amherst? Great! You can find a Lorain Raceway Park event flyer in that packet as well! Just another way to get our name out there and get our facilities in the minds of individuals in our community!

We’re doing a TON of promotional work leading up to events. However, we are still committed to our on site promotions as well! We have a fun season planned with multiple different events at both of our facilities for families and some benefiting local charities! For The Painesville Speedway we have Mario Kart Night, Lake County Schools Night, Summer Kickoff Night, Shopping Kart Races and so much more! At Lorain Raceway Park we have Cancer Awareness Night/Car Show/Post Race Concert, Amherst Appreciation Night, Old Timers Night, Ride in a Racecar and so much more! More information on all of these events can be found on our website soon or on previous Facebook posts!

Fun activities don’t stop with event promotions! Thanks to Chuck Burke, a safety crew worker at our tracks, we will have the popular Queen of Hearts at both facilities. The pot follows from track to track, event to event. Tickets can be sold $2 for 1 ticket or $5 for 6 tickets at each and every race night! 3 tickets each night can be pulled if the Queen of Hearts is not found so plenty of chances to win not only up to 85% of the entire pot but also some fun prizes as well! More information for this can be found soon on our website and Facebook page as well!

Queen of Hearts is more for adults, something else we want to do for the kiddos of 2Tracks1Family is a raffle basket at each event. Each child that comes through the General Admission gate has the opportunity to fill out a quick ticket with a parent or guardian and enter to win a raffle basket drawing that’ll be pulled at Intermission alongside the Queen of Hearts drawing! One lucky kid can go home with a fun basket, but really all the kids win… Why? Because children 15 and under get in for FREE in 2024 at both The Painesville Speedway and Lorain Raceway Park! Something new this season to help families afford a fun night out at the races and not break the bank!

I’m sure you also have noticed a new logo alongside the normal TPS and LRP ones. Yes, that’s Little Lorain Raceway! Asphalt was added to lengthen apart of the Lorain Raceway Park backstretch and a small track was added throughout the winter! Little Lorain Raceway will feature Go Karts on select Saturday mornings throughout the spring and summer along with Quarter Midgets on select Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons! Now Kids as young as 2 years old can race with us at 2Tracks1Family! We are very serious about our youth movement and getting young race fans and racers involved, this proves just that!

More asphalt was also added to the roads winding through the infield of Lorain Raceway Park. Why? Because now our friends at Slideways Showdown can host Drift Events not only at The Painesville Speedway but also The County! The group has 4 events at Painesville and 4 events at Lorain slated for their 2024 season as it all kicks off on Saturday, April 20th at Painesville and Sunday, May 5th at Lorain! Check out their website slideways.us for more information to their awesome shows!

This article was long wasn’t it? The sad part is, as I’m wrapping this up I feel like I’m even missing a few things. I hope you stayed the entirety of this article, if you did, thank you! Our entire team and family is so excited to get this show moving this season! I personally believe 2024 will be the turning point for our facilities. I sincerely hope you come support us this season!

Come check us out at the Piston Power Show this Friday, Saturday, Sunday, April 5-7 at the IX Center! Outlaw 350 Supermodified Series Champion, Frank Neil will have his car displayed in our booth alongside Painesville Figure Eight Ironmen competitor, Kenny Bender Jr’s machine! But we can’t forget about our younger drivers as well.. Lily Gerbasi and Keegan Weese will have their NASCAR Youth Series Quarter Midgets in our booth as well to promote Little Lorain Raceway! See you there!







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